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Looking to keep your identity private while at work or school? WebProxy.com is the service for you! You can browse the Internet securely using our SSL certificate; you can unblock popular social network sites. And best of all, it's 100% Free to use. We don’t limit the amount of time you spend on the service or block different geographic regions of the world.

What is a proxy service? A Proxy or Web Proxy is a service that changes the IP address that you are accessing websites or services from. You will be accessing the web with our IP, thus we are acting as your Proxy to the Internet! Proxy sites come and go, it’s important to check back to find a working list of proxy sites. For an updated list check out, FreeProxyList.net

We are working hard to become one of the top proxy sites in the US. Please feel free to send us back your suggestions and comments. All the best, from Webproxy.com